Team Northwest Distribution

Team Northwest Distribution

Our "Wholesale Division" distributes products throughout Idaho and Washington.

The Business Partnerships are listed below-

  • Adderson Healthcare: Medical Supplies
  • SFP Food Service: Gourmet Waffles
  • Crestware Products: Commercial Cookware, Equipment, Dinnerware, Flatware
  • Frontier Marketplace: Food, Snacks, Beverages
  • Maxam Wholesale: General Merchandise, Clothing
  • Alpine Home Services: Professional Services

Dr. Ralph Smith | Chairman, CEO
Jess Smith | President, COO

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What is Team Northwest?

Team Northwest Distribution, is a wholesale Division of Alpine Productions, Inc.

At Team Northwest Distribution, we are focused on providing wholesale distribution services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us to receive discounted pricing on a long list of items. Look at our catalog and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us!


Rewards Advantage Members can purchase at wholesale prices, from our Team Northwest Distribution Partners. The Team Northwest partners include;

  • SFP Food Service Gourmet Waffles
  • Alpine Home Services Residential Home Services
  • Alpine Express Delivery Restaurant Food Delivery
  • Adderson Healthcare Medical Supplies
  • Crestware Products Cookware / Dinnerware / Equipment / Flatware
  • Frontier Marketplace Food / Specialty Beverages
  • Maxam Wholesale General Merchandise / Clothing / Giftware
  • Northwest Peninsula Media Video Presentations

Please call our business office, to receive catalogs / pricing sheet --

Idaho Region (208) 562-7050
Washington Region (360) 809-3444

The Ginny Marie Wellness Foundation supports many local businesses and community projects. One of our Sister Companies is Team Northwest Distribution...

Also a division of Alpine Productions, Team Northwest Distribution is a wholesale distribution company focused on providing products and services to the Northwest Olympic Peninsula for a fraction of the normal costs.

Team Northwest Distribution partners with numerous companies across the greater Northwest Region, both to distribute and supply the goods & services required to operate their respective businesses.

This ranges from quality cookware supplied to local restaurant establishments to retail goods and even professional business consultation.